Workplace seated massage in Darlington & the North East

Kiran Singh specialises in providing workplace seated massages to businesses in Darlington, Teeside, County Durham & the North East. Just 10-15 minutes of upper body seated massage can make all the difference to your employees, resulting in reduced stress and anxiety and increased productivity and morale.

Workplace Seated Massage is a quick, easy and convenient massage service which is delivered on-site – in your office or at events, conferences and seminars – by qualified massage therapist Kiran Singh.

Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Benefits for your company:

    • Reduced employee stress and absenteeism

    • Improved morale and a greater sense of wellbeing

    • Increased productivity and business growth

    • Greater appreciation of the company

  • Benefits for your employees:

    • Releases tension and relieves sore aching muscles

    • Reduces stress, anxiety and depression

    • Increases flexibility and movement

    • Promotes a healthier, happier workforce

Reiki treatment

Reiki healing is an ancient way to activate and harmonise our natural life energy. During a treatment, the Reiki practitioner acts as a clear channel for the energy to be pass to the client. The Reiki energy then activate the client’s own self-healing to promote balance and harmony within mind and body.

Within the workplace this treatment can be incorporated within the massage treatment or as a separated treatment carried out on an office chair. The client remains clothed. Reiki couch and chair treatements are also available for private one to one consultations at Kiran’s home-based business in Darlington.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release (MFR) is a hands-on treatment that focuses on soft tissue pain, dysfunction, tension and past physical/emotional trauma. The treatment is carried out at Kiran’s home based business, and involves gentle sustained pressure being applied for 2-3 minutes to the muscles to enable the fascia to activate and in so doing, helps to release pain, tension and trauma freeing the body from past limitations and restrictions.

In a normal healthy state fascia is relaxed and wavy in form and can stretch and move. However, if trauma sets in such as through bad posture, surgery or physical or emotional trauma, the fascia loses its pliability and suppleness becoming hard, stuck and dehydrated. Extra fibres are created due to stress course thickening and adhesions into and round the muscles leading to restrictions and limitations to movement and poor tissue health.

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