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How to make the world a brighter place by starting with you!

What with the NHS struggling to keep up with patient demands and Brexit bringing uncertainly to the future, the U.K. is feeling down trodden right now. It’s hard to get away from it all and just forget things for a while and enjoy life. We are all conditioned to follow that feeling and general sense of ‘what’s the use?’

Bring in some balance

There are serious issues of hardship and struggle that need to be addressed and noted and journalists have a job to do.

But why don’t we get to hear about more of the good stuff that’s going on in the world? Is it not news worthy too? Isn’t there a miracle that has happened that we could all do with hearing about? That token ‘Drop the Dead Donkey’ story that we get to hear as the news ends and the title music is keen to block out, can bring a smile and feeling of ‘Oh well, it’s not all bad’.

However, I know people who have stopped watching and reading the news because they can’t take the constant bombardment of negativity and sometimes, the fear it can instil.

Healthier View.

A more balanced view it needed. A need for greater optimism must take hold. That’s why I think it is down to each of us who can, to do our best to find ways of creating a more positive attitude. Let’s stop talking about what we DON’T want and start expressing what we DO want.


We talk about ‘I don’t want this… I don’t want that…! Have you ever actually asked yourself what you DO want? If you are always talking ‘don’ts’, have you noticed how those ‘don’ts’, do?

In other words, the more you DON’T want something, the more likely it is to turn up in your life? Then you say, ‘There you go…told you it always happens to ME!’ And the ‘don’ts’ keep right on coming. This is a basic ‘Law of Attraction’ fact.

It’s time to invest in turning things around and ‘learning’ and experiencing what happiness is for you. We all deserve happiness in our lives and surely, spending time ‘investing’ in that, rather than staying with the crowd, is a far more inspiring and adventurous prospect.

What’s all this got to do with me!

No matter who you are, we are all here with the capacity to make a positive difference. If you can find your way to being happy and grateful for yourself, then that can have a powerful and profound influence on others. Never underestimate the importance of taking care of YOU and your happiness. It’s an investment that can reward you again and again.

Oh, but you don’t have my life!

You’re right, I don’t have your life. But I know that if you have got this far in this blog, then you’re wanting to change something, no matter how small.

The world is huge, and at present, we are incapable of changing it all in one go. But just taking small steps in your own world by working towards a more positive outlook and introducing something into your life that you would LOVE TO DO, means you’re creating a better world for all of us.

What can I do?

I have no idea what makes you happy. This is where the ‘WHAT DO I WANT?’ comes into play. I must warn you, at first, you will more than likely be rubbish at answering this question because you have spent most of your time speaking about what you DON’T want.

Give it time and it will come.


Starting with Small steps:

Put your phone away and spend more time with your child/children

Take a walk rather than the car and open your eyes to what nature has to offer

Go visit family or call that friend you keep meaning to connect with

Read that book that’s been sitting on your bedside table for a couple of years

Sit in silence and just be at peace

Bigger steps:

Take a course and learn about something you love

Run a marathon

Sky Dive

Join a dance class or choir

Really BIG steps – Life changes

Move to another part of the country. Better still move to another country

Travel to places you once only dreamed of

Write a book

Climb Kilimanjaro

Fall in love

Change career

What does this achieve?

Self-wellbeing. A feeling once felt, you will want to experience it again and again. The happier you become, the happier you will want to be…and so it goes…

We are all capable of achieving great happiness but only we, as individuals, have the power to change things for ourselves. As Lao Tzu, the Chinese Philosopher famously said, ‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step’. In other words, great things start from humble beginnings.

And, as you take that journey of discovery to your happiness, you will begin to notice that other like-minded folk will start appearing to join you on your journey.

What you come to realise is, that being happy and grateful influences those around you for the better. The more of us who can achieve self-wellbeing by asking what we DO want and seeking out our own happiness, can begin to have a profoundly positive effect on the world.

If this could be achieved, positive solutions would be the focus to our problems, rather than the problems themselves. A sense of working for the greater good would prevail, as a more positive attitude took hold. And, in the process, a more balance view of the world would begin to unfold. You are worth it and it can be done!

This sounds like a madcap theory. However, such theories have been known to turn into reality, in time.

Kiran Singh

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