About Kiran Singh

Kiran Singh is a qualified massage therapist with a number of years of experience in providing workplace seated massages throughout the North East of England. Based in Darlington, Kiran was inspired to start providing workplace massages after seeing the huge positive impact they can have on the morale of employees and therefore the businesses themselves. As Kiran is a member of the F.H.T., companies should check with their health insurers as to whether they can claim back part or all of their chair massage/Reiki consultation fee.

Kiran currently holds practitioner diplomas and has trained at the following:

  • The London College of Massage

  • Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden

  • Gateway Workshops


Insurance is held with Balens Ltd (authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority).

Mission Statement

Workplace Seated Massage was set up to help people in the work environment become more aware of their musculoskeletal issues through the treatment of Clothed Acupressure and Deep Tissue Massage. Massage can help a person become aware of their body tension by drawing attention to those areas of stress and help bring relief and relaxation.

Regular massage can help in the prevention of both physical and emotional ailments and open a person’s world to holistic therapy as a way of promoting a greater sense of wellbeing in their life.

Kiran’s background

Hi there, and welcome to my website. Here’s a little something about me.

I was a professional actress and singer. As a performer, I learned about posture, breathe and ‘self-awareness’ as part of my training to enable me to perform at my best.

During a time of unemployment, I decided to train as a massage therapist as I felt this complimented my training in body awareness. Massage brings a greater awareness of the body through touch and can help highlight and treat those areas where issues are present.

I trained in full body massage. However, having sustained a neck injury, I was no longer able to carry out this therapy. Then I discovered chair massage and the huge benefits it can bring to clients. So, for the last few years, it is in this area that I have put my focus and worked my magic! (don’t quote me on that!)


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