Workplace Seated Massages in Darlington & Teeside in the North East

Thought for the day: ‘An employee who feels appreciated will always do more than expected’

Workplace Seated Massage is a quick, easy and convenient massage service which is delivered on-site – in your office or at events, conferences and seminars – by qualified massage therapist Kiran Singh. Just 10 – 15 minutes of upper body, seated massage can decrease stress, increase morale and boost productivity within your employees and help your business grow.

Taster sessions for only £75

Taster sessions for £75 are available to companies looking to trial chair massage in the workplace & promote it’s benefits. Taster session availability is dependent on your company’s location. Just click on the Contact button below and fill in the form quoting ‘Taster Session’ in the message box.

We also offer the opportunity for the employees to pay directly for a chair massage service. Your company just have to provide the space for treatments. (This is not included in the Taster sessions offer). Just click the Contact button below should you wish to make an enquiry.

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The importance of workplace seated massages

Many jobs involve repetitive physical movements or long hours at a desk, which can lead to a variety of musculoskeletal problems from back, neck and wrist problems to repetitive strain injury. These issues not only cause stress, absenteeism and production losses. However, upper body seated massages can make all the difference to your employees, and is proven to reduce stress and absenteeism, while also improving morale, wellbeing and productivity.

Our process is very simple too. Our therapist Kiran Singh will come to your office to treat employees on-site, with minimum disruption to the work environment. A portable massage chair is provided, and only a small area within the office or a meeting room is required. Clients remain clothed at all times with each session lasting around 20 minutes, when the employee can immediately return to their desk feeling rejuvenated and energised.

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